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Re: E39 wheel/tire size question

They use a 9 inch rim for the rears...I dont recall if the offset is the 
same (20mm)

You run a 235/45 on a 9 inch rim now?  That's a pretty narrow tire for 
that rim isnt it?

Tyler Stewart
'97 540iA

"Hemauer" <shemauer@gbonline.com>
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01/03/2003 12:33 AM

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        Subject:        E39 wheel/tire size question

My '97 540i 6 spd has the OEM 17x9 wheels at all four corners, utilizing a
235-45-17 tire.

The later E39 540's run the 235 tire in front, but use a 255-40-17 tire in
the rear.

My question is - do the later E39's use a wider wheel in the rear?  Or is
this wider tire run on the same 17x8 wheel?  I'd like to go to the 
widths on my car if possible.


Scott Hemauer
'97 540i 6 spd
'95 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
'90 Eagle Talon AWD

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